Friday, June 13, 2014

Writing's on the wall...Superstitions

I awoke this morning made a cup of coffee and headed out to my front porch.  I got comfy in my chair, looked up and noticed a big bright full moon peeking out from behind some clouds.  I grabbed my phone to try and snap a picture and was reminded today was FRIDAY THE 13TH!!  Often times people ask, "Are you superstitious"?  So here is my answer!  Here is a list of some things I believe in...

*I believe in lucky pennies
*I believe in wishing on the first star
*I believe if you step on a crack, you may not break your mothers back but you WILL inflict some sorta pain on her
*I believe in the magic of Santa, the tooth fairy, and the Easter bunny
*I believe that if a black cat crosses your path you are not going to have a good day
*I believe in prayer
*I believe in telling people I love you every chance you get
*I believe if you break a mirror you will get seven years of bad luck
*I believe walking under a ladder brings bad luck
*I believe you should never open an umbrella in the house
*I believe FRIDAY THE 13TH you are pretty much doomed

So to answer the question, Are you superstitious?  I don't think so...OK maybe a little!

We all know Friday the 13th is considered unlucky in the western superstitions, but why?

Friday has been considered an unlucky day at least since the 14th century's The Canterbury Tales.  Many other professions have said Friday was an Unlucky day to undertake journeys or begin new projects.

Christians notice Friday as unlucky because, It was Friday Jesus was crucified, ever since the day has been associated with bad Oman.

In the medieval times Friday was "Hangman's Day"

As for the number 13?

Seating thirteen people at a table was seen as bad luck as Judas Iscariot, the disciple who betrayed Jesus is said to have been the 13th guest at the last supper.

The fear of Friday the 13th has been named friggatriskaidekaphobia.  (Ha ha, good luck pronouncing that!)

The longest period of time that can occur without a Friday the 13th is fourteen months.

Now that we know a little about me, my superstitions, and Friday the 13th, are you superstitious?  What are your thoughts on Friday the 13th?

Have a safe day, and don't answer the door to anyone wearing a hockey mask!

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