Friday, November 21, 2014

Have A Magical Holiday With The Amazing Zhus!

Disclosure:  Product received.  This Post is part of a sponsored campaign with Cepia LLc and Mom Select.  All opinions expressed here are that of my own :)

There is something magical about the holidays.  I love  all the twinkling lights, the baked goods, family gatherings, and gift giving.  I love the wonder on the children's faces, the trees, and the presents.  This is by far my favorite time of the year.

Each year families go out and about looking for the perfect gift for the kiddos in their life.  Some years I am out looking for something I have never even heard of because my kids saw it on a commercial or heard about it at school.  Then the stress kicks in when you find the empty spot on the shelve where this top toy would have been if it hadn't sold out.  

This year there is a toy that is sure to be on the top of every child's toy list!  The Amazing Zhus is a new collection from Cepia LLC, the master toymakers behind ZhuZhu pets.  The Amazing Zhus Magician pets are motorized pets that will amaze your friends as they perform magic tricks and gravity-defying stunts!!  These Amazing Zhus play with magic cards, follow a magic wand around, and even find their way home to the magicians houses!!  These talented adorable pets can even perform stunts!

The Amazing Zhus pets and accessories are available at  These amazing toys will sure to be a hit to all the children on Santa's nice list!  The amazing Zhus pets and accessories are affordable ranging in price from $7.99-$24.99 and are recommended for ages 4 and up!

So go on...What are you waiting for??  Go on and get one of these Amazing Zhus before they magically disappear off the shelves