Sunday, June 29, 2014

Camping with the kids...time to pack the kitchen sink :)

The best way to get out of the house in the summer time and make some good old fashion family memories is to take a good old fashion camping trip!  We live in the Arizona Valley, and the only way to be outdoors in the summer is to pack up and leave.  I have been camping all my life, so you would think I'm a pro by now.  The problem is, going through life your camp packing list changes.  As a child I just hopped in the car, the riding in the car was the hardest part because someone else did all the packing for me.  When I became a teenager and young adult camping with my friends, a warm jacket, cooler of beer, and some chips were about all I needed.  As we grew older we bought our own tent, camping stove, flashlight, some chairs, and hot dog skewers.  And then we had kids....

With our first child we would take her tent camping and each time we would notice more and more things we needed.  Blankets, lovies, toys, warm clothes, cool clothes, PJ's, potty chairs, sunscreen, hats, more get the point!  Our second child came along and we started staying in more hotels, because our vehicle could not hold all the camping gear and necessities of two young girls.  Third child came and we purchased a toy hauler trailer.  Don't get me started on camping in a toy hauler!  Because now you have all your camping gear and necessities plus adult toys and all the gear you need for those!

Our kids are a little older now and unfortunately their idea of fun is staring at their Ipad for twelve hours straight.  YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, video games.  Time to get them out of the house and away from the Internet!

We will be camping Fourth of July weekend, in the California Mountains, in the town of Big Bear.  I will be honest in saying we are going to our families cabin, but will be pitching a tent in the backyard with all the cousins!  This is kind of cheating, but will save the hassle of packing everything including the kitchen I thought...

Here is our packing list...

~I was excited to pitch a big family size tent and all of us have a big family sleepover!  It then came to my realization this was not going to happen.  My husband and kids thought it would be cooler to have two tents, a kid tent and a grown up tent.
~They then decided they all needed padding AKA blow up mattresses for comfort.
~ It will be dark at night so we better get little lights for the inside of the tents!
~We will bring sleeping bags to lay on top of their air mattresses, and then each of their favorite pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals.
~Now that there won't be any Internet what in the world will they do??  We got coloring books, water balloons, water guns, books.
~ We plan on fishing so we have five fishing poles, a few tackles boxes, and a net.
~ It IS Fourth of July so we can't go camping without, Americana outfits, accessories, decorations, sparklers, and fireworks!
~five chairs for watching fireworks and a big picnic sized blanket!
~two coolers.  One for drinks and one for food.
~bathing suits! beach towels! sun hats and sunscreen.
~Children's Claritin, inhalers, Motrin, and Adult allergy medicine, motion sickness bands, and a bucket.
~five suitcases with our clothing, toiletries! and extra shoes.
~jackets for when the sun goes down.
~and my camera!  Wouldn't want to miss a good Kodak moment!

Now I'm sure this will not be my entire list and I'm sure I WILL forget something super important, but we will survive!

So if you get behind a white minivan driving slowly up the mountain looking like something  out of the Beverly Hillbillies honk and wave, because it's probably me!

Enjoy your weekend and be safe :)


  1. What a fun weekend! I love the thought of all those cousins in that big tent. I have some great memories growing up with my cousins (although none camping :))

  2. Good luck! lol That's a ton of stuff :)

  3. Wow! That's a lot of stuff for camping! We had 3 tents, 4 bags, food items, two coolers, and sleeping bags/pillows/blankets. I go super minimalistic and only take what we have to take. Have fun! And not to do a shameless plug, but you should check out my Breakfast in a Paper Bag recipe for camping! My kiddos loved it!