Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mommy's Bliss Sweet Slumber Products Review

This was not a paid post.  Honest and original opinions were used and are my own.  Thank you to Mommy's Bliss who supplied the product for review!

Product Received...

Moms and dads alike prepare themselves for nine months for the arrival of their new bundle of joy!  The excitement and anticipation is the biggest lesson in patience I myself have ever endured!  Nine months or 40 weeks if you go by weeks seems like an eternity, yet still you find yourself rushing out at the last minute for the last items of necessity!  When the new baby gets here the Nursery will be completed and decorated, the new tiny little outfits will be washed in extra gentle detergent awaiting to touch new skin.  You will have car seats, strollers, diapers, wipes, formula, bottles ,ect. ect  all prepared and waiting.  The day finally comes and you finally get to meet this new little bundle that has been safe inside the womb growing and developing to make it's debut.  It's then you realize, you are not prepared!!!

You see as much as you think you have it together, you have always been a good planner and preparer, there is nothing that proves you wrong as much as a new born!!  One thing I have found with every one of my children is you can never be prepared for those sleepless nights of caring for a newborn!  They come out of the womb with the idea that everyone stays up all night!  As much as you would love to stay up all night and just stare at the most awesome creation you have ever made, the truth is you as a parent need some sleep!  We cannot survive on pure love alone!!

One thing that can help your baby is setting up a night time routine!  A great way to do this is with Mommy's Bliss Sweet Slumber products!  Mommy's Bliss sweet slumber products are formulated with a unique blend of natural botanicals that encourage sleep and promote relaxation!  An established bedtime routine is clinically proven to help baby fall asleep and stay asleep longer, which means mom and dad get to stay asleep longer too!  Yay everyone wins!  The sweet slumber routine is simple, intuitive, and effective.  Not only that is smells good too!

The Mommy's Bliss sweet slumber routine consists of three steps.  

Step One:  Sweet Slumber Baby Wash.  Begin with a warm soothing bath with the relaxing extracts of lavender, chamomile, and ylang ylang.  Sweet Slumber Baby Wash contains no drying alcohols and won't irritate sensitive skin.  Gentle enough for daily use.

Step Two:  Sweet Slumber Massage Cream.  A gentle calming massage with the relaxing extracts of organic botanicals will help baby fall asleep and stay asleep.  Sweet slumber massage cream is naturally nourishing for baby's delicate skin.  It is non-greasy and absorbs quickly!  Apply the massage cream to the hands and gently massage baby in circular motions.  Starting the massage process on the baby's legs will familiarize them with the relaxing sensation.

Step Three:  Sweet Slumber Mist.  Create a calm environment by misting baby's pajamas and bedding with the relaxing extracts of Lavender, chamomile, and Ylang Ylang.  Spray a light mist at least 12"  away, this will provide a relaxing scent without making baby's bed damp.

I recommend The Mommy's Bliss sweet slumber products for all new parents!  Once you get a routine established with your baby, Not only will you be happier so will your baby!

Some more fun facts I love about Mommy's Bliss Sweet slumber products.....
...Hypoallergenic and gentle enough for daily use
...100% vegetarian and vegan
...no alcohol, sulfates, phthalates or parabens
...no artificial fragrances, gluten or soy
...Made in the USA
...recycled bottle-100% post consumer resin, BPA/Phthalate free

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  1. love Mommy's Bliss, use it with my little one, both the body wash and the lotion, smells so good! oh and the linen spray is great for soothing a fussy baby at bed time after a warm bath and massage with the lotion!