Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Puffs Party Pack has arrived!!! #Puffs #house party!!

My Puffs party Pack has arrived via UPS!!!  I can't wait to host my Puffs kiss and Cry Party and share all these goodies compliments of Puffs with all my party goers!!  I applied to host this party because My family goes through oodles and oodles of Puffs!  A week does not go by that I don't have a mountain of tissues over flowing our trash cans!  The Puffs with lotion are my favorite!  They are so soft on your nose after having to blow so many times and they help moisturize as you blow!  Which is your favorite Puffs product?  Other ways you can use Puffs Plus lotion is for touch-ups, blotting or other beauty needs!
     Thank you House Party and Puffs for picking me to share your great product!

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