Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The benefits of being a school lunch lady...

     As some of my followers know and many may not, I am a elementary school lunch lady during the day.  Every morning I wake up, like most dread another work day!  The tedious jobs of being a lunch lady are not something to be admired.   Prepping the lunch line, doing dishes, sweeping and mopping floors, wiping down counters, counting food, washing your hands until they are raw, wearing funny hats and aprons, and those darn gloves!   There is however something that keeps us going back year after year!
     A lunch lady salary is not what gets us going back!  Holidays and vacations are pretty cool, but not the reason we go back.  Everyday we have over 650 kids come walking down our lunch line.  You begin to know a lot of their names.  Their favorite movie characters, and favorite colors.  You get to know who likes carrots and who like celery.  Which kids like Ranch on their salad and which like Italian.  You get to know when the kindergartners come down and ask for potatoes, they really mean tomatoes!  When you offer a kindergartner sunflower seeds they ask if they are for planting or eating.  They call raisins grape seeds, and beets mangoes.  Unlike teachers who have to meet teaching guidelines, have to discipline, do lesson plans, and meet with parents.  Us lunch ladies see each of these kids for about one minute of the day as they pass on through.  We get the very best part of school kid interaction!  Never a dull moment, never the same day twice.  That is what gets us going back!  The kids!  Salary is not great but the joy those little ones bring...priceless!!  Now off to work to fill up all those little bellies, and see my 650 little buddies...Have a wonderful day!

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