Friday, February 14, 2014

A Mooshy Gooshy Valentine...

     The day is upon us.  February 14th!  Today is the day of flowers, chocolates, and cupid.  The day of pink and red.  The day of conversation hearts.  The day of "LOVE".  School yard kids will bring their little box of Valentines for their classmates, and eat heart shaped cookies covered in Red and pink sprinkles.  Teenagers will go to school in hopes that their crush just might profess their love today and bring a Teddi bear or flower. Today is the day "Bad Boys" will celebrate their one week anniversary of being a bachelor.   The day Hopeless romantics just know cupid will hit them with his arrow this year, and they will find true love.
     Women in relationships plan this romantic evening for days, weeks, and even months.   Men...well lets just say you won't find me going to the grocery store after 3pm today!  The aisles will be packed with men buying up all the flowers and chocolates after work...last minute!  Its the day singles call, "single awareness day" and plan to meet up with other singles to cry over being single.  Today couples will go on a romantic date and hold hands.  Today there will be engagements, and weddings, and babies conceived.  Today there will be tears.  Today is Valentines day!!!
     I myself never been a huge fan of the day!  Never really understood why people wait all year to love someone or worry about being loved!?  I guess it had to do with my upbringing.  Mom always made sure to get me a Valentines gift, sometimes even delivered it to me at school.  I never worried about being single or having a Valentine, because I knew I had people who loved me.  I was loved, I didn't need some boy or Valentine to confirm this.  I enjoyed getting my little box of Valentines as a kid, and making the little mailboxes out of shoe boxes.  I enjoyed having the day off of studying and having Valentines parties.  The whole romantic side of it was not what it was about to me, and shouldn't be to anyone!  I think this world need s a little more love in it...EVERYDAY!  Folks need not worry about having a valentine or a date, but to remember that they are loved! Loved by your kids, Loved by your dog or Cat, Loved by your parents or best friends!  Love is what matters not some silly day on the calendar.
     Every year I follow my mom's tradition.  I get my kids a Valentines gift.  I tell them every Valentines day that I will always be their Valentine ,and that I love them more than anything in this world!  I make them feel special by making their favorite breakfast and having the house decorated when they wake up...all for them! My children know they are loved when they leave my front door so they are not out looking for it. I have already filled them  up with it!
     Today celebrate those who love you everyday!  Your friends, your family, your pets, your GOD.  YOU ARE LOVED!!  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

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