Friday, February 5, 2016

Reviews Bringing You Magic Today with Exfolimate Magic Body Cloth!

This time of year is ridiculous on our skin!  I don't know about you, but with the furnace constantly running to keep the home warm, and the freezing air outside my skin gets incredibly dry and dull.  Come spring and summer all I want is for my skin to have it's healthy glow back.  Well the Ground Hog didn't come out of his hole for nothing!  He says spring is coming early this year, so it's time to start working on my skin!

Green Heart Labs recently sent me their Magic Body Cloth, which is an all over exfoliating reusable cloth!  The magic body cloth is gentle and effective exfoliation which is good for,

~Polishing the skin

~Clearing Follicles

~Reaching tough to reach spots

~Prepping for spray tans

All you have to do is dampen the cloth, add your favorite body wash, and watch the magic happen!
Follow up with moisturizer and your skin is polished and ready for spring and summer!

This cloth is machine washable, comes in a cool hip design, and is big enough to get those hard to reach spots like the middle of your back!  I love my new Magic Body Cloth and think you will too!  Check out my Video below for more information and to see how truly nice this cloth is!

Disclosure: I received the magic body towel for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any way.  Sincerely, Ronda

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bronchial wellness and kids :)

In our household several member of the family have issues with bronchial wellness.  My daughter in particular visits urgent care several times a year with some sort of bronchial illness.  We get prescribed a few hundred dollars worth of medicine and then spend weeks doing breathing treatments and antibiotics until she can breath again.  I have always been interested in herbal support and taking a more natural way to health, so I was super excited to be offered an opportunity to try Bronchial Wellness a gaiakids product made by GaiaHerbs.

Bronchial Wellness for kids is an organic, great tasting, natural product using only the purest herbs!  The key ingredients in this product are

  • Plantain ~ an important herb supporting a healthy inflammatory response in the respiratory track.

  • Helichrysum's ~ essential oil  one of the most potent sources of antioxidants

  • Grindelia ~ long been used to support the respiratory system and assist in the normal production and elimination of mucous.

A little about Gaia Herbs...

Gaia Herbs cultivates health and well being by stewarding sustainable relationships between plants and people.  One thing I love about Gaia Herbs, is they over full transparency from seed to finished product through the industry's ONLY traceability platform- MeetYourHerbs.  Because our children deserve the best you can trace your products journey by typing in the ID number found on your product's labeling.  from seed, through quality testing, to finished product, the journey is available by visiting  How awesome is that?

After receiving the product in the mail, I was eager to try it.  My daughter was beginning to have some bronchial issues as she typically does this time of year, so we gave Gaia herbs a try.  Upon opening the bottle the liquid was a natural amber color, I will admit I was a little scared it was going to taste horrible.  I sampled a drop on my finger before administering it to my daughter and was pleasantly surprised!  The Bronchial Wellness has a very pleasant high quality sweet honey taste!  My daughter approved!!  I love that this product supports the body, and helps maintain a state of well-being.

Samples and coupon alert!!!!

Friends visiting Sincerely, Ronda can receive a free sample and coupon for a GaiaKids product by visiting

Gaia Herbs has a line of herbal formulas especially for children.  Gaia Herb's 10 alcohol-free GaiaKids products were formulated by pediatric naturopath, Dr. Mary Bove, and they deliver herbal support with a kid friendly taste.

I hope your family enjoys these products and company as much as we do!  Stay healthy my friends, Love ya :)

***and of course I have to disclose to you that I received bronchial Wellness for kids for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  I share with you only products I have personally used, loved, and think will be beneficial to my readers.  All opinions expressed here are my own!  Sincerely, Ronda

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Easy Stuffed Apple Croissant!

I sat so cozy in my best set of pajamas,  under a fuzzy throw blanket, my feet up, in the reclining position of my favorite sofa.  The smell of my over creamed coffee lurking in the air from the nearby end table.  I scrolled through the social media channels as I often do in the  morning upon waking.  I was happy it was Sunday and I was getting to relax.  My children all migrated from their bedrooms,  each one took a seat on the couch across the room.  I could feel the eyes staring upon me.  We exchanged "good Mornings" and then I quickly looked back down trying to avoid the dreaded statement that was about to escape from their precious lips.  It was all too late and I knew it!  I had made eye contact, and before I could blink there it was!  "We are hungry!"  "What are we going to have for breakfast?"

On the weekends I try and cook my children something warm and fresh,  because honestly school is just too dang early and we pretty much eat cold over processed sugar cube cereal every day of the week.  I use the weekend to up my mom game, so this morning here is what I came up with.

My children named them the "Yummy Fillers".  I knew I had some croissant dough sitting in the fridge from what I thought was going to be a fabulous dinner wreath, but we ended up having $5.00 pizza instead.  I opened my refrigerator and peeked around for what other ingredients I could add to my croissant dough.

Ingredients used:

  • (1) roll of Pillsbury Croissant dough
  • (1) large apple
  • (4) oz cream cheese
  • (3) TBSP butter
  • (1/4) C brown sugar
  • (1)TBSP Cinnamon
  • (1) egg white


  1. Core and add apple to a food processor 
  2. add chopped apple to small saucepan, with butter, cream cheese, brown sugar and Cinnamon.
  3. simmer on low, (stirring constantly) until butter and cream cheese are melted.
  4. let mixture cool
  5. separate the croissant dough into individual croissants
  6. add about a table spoon of filling onto each croissant and fold.
  7. brush with egg white, and sprinkle top with cinnamon and a pinch of white sugar.
  8. place on parchment paper lined cookie sheet and bake @ 375 for 10 minutes!

 Let cool a couple minutes and enjoy!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Kid Friendly Salad :)

I don't know what it is, but I can't put any type of vegetable in front of my kids and expect them to eat it unless it's a carrot stick!  I am constantly trying to find ways to get their veggies in them, and I was pleasantly surprised the other night when I looked around the table at dinner and all three of them finished their salads!!  Wait, What did I just say?  Yes you heard it correctly, ALL three of my kids ate vegetables without one complaint or scrunched up nose!  Yay me!!  So if you too have children refusing to eat their vegetables, I encourage you to give this salad a try!

Now the trick is to not call it "Salad", but rather fruit salad!!  By calling it fruit salad, the thought of vegetables leave their head and they are all about the fruit!  I totally just sang a song in my office, "it's all about the fruit, bout the fruit, no veggies!"  Hehehe :)  

Here is all I put inside this "fruit" salad...

  • Romain lettuce
  • organic baby spinach
  • fresh diced strawberries
  • fresh dices pears
  • Hemp Seeds
That is it!  The cool thing is, this would also make a great lunch if you are dieting!  We ate it all up, no dressing required because the fruit is so sweet!  The hemp seeds add a nice nutty flavor and some added protein!  

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Absolute BEST Mac N Cheese You Will Ever Eat!!

I saw someone talking about using Gnocchi for their mac n cheese and I was immediately intrigued!  To be honest I had only used gnocchi one other time in my life and was not really sure what to do with it.  Needless to say, I was not impressed!  I had a package of Parmesan gnocchi in my freezer from working with Three Bridges a while back.  I decided to give Gnocchi mac n cheese a try!

  • First I boiled one 12 oz. package of Parmesan Gnocchi for 3 minutes and added to a greased casserole dish.  I added three small home grown jalapenos!  ( If you leave Jalapenos on the bush for a longer period of time they turn red, I tend to leave some on because I like the pop of color!)
  • Next in a small sauce pan I added 4 oz cream cheese, 1/4 cup whole milk, 1 tsp Dijon mustard, 1 Tsp minced garlic, dry basil, Himalayan sea salt, and pepper to taste.  Simmer until cream cheese is melted (stirring constantly)  I poured this on top of the Gnocchi and then topped with sliced mesquite turkey from the deli.

  • I then added grated cheese on top of that

  • Sprinkled some Parmesan bread crumbs on top and placed in a preheated 350 degree oven until cheese was bubbly.  approximately 8 minutes.

  • The top has some crisp to it due to the bread crumbs, the inside was the creamiest, most fluffy, delicious Mac n Cheese I have ever tasted!!
I served inside a Parmesan cheese bowl, which I highly recommend!!!



  • 12 oz package Gnocchi
  • 4 oz cream cheese
  • 1/4 c. milk
  • Minced garlic
  • 1 tsp Dijon mustard
  • dry basil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • jalapenos (however many depending on your heat preference)
  • sliced turkey (Bacon would also be great!)
  • 1 C. shredded cheese 
  • bread crumbs 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016

Southwestern Chicken & Quinoa Wrap!!!

My family loves the southwestern Chicken burrito!  I was on a mission to try and make a healthier version, so here you have it!  The Chicken and Quinoa Wrap!!

Things You Need:

  • Roasted Chicken ( I used a rotisserie chicken I purchased from our super market deli)
  • Quinoa
  • Can of black beans
  • Can of corn
  • Cheese
  • Lettuce (I used romaine)

  • Cumin
  • Garlic salt
  • paprika
  • black pepper
  • red chili pepper


  • cook quinoa according to package directions.
  • add cumin, Garlic salt, paprika, black pepper, and a pinch of red chili pepper to your quinoa while cooking.
  • shred roasted chicken
  • add drained black beans, corn, and chicken to a saucepan and simmer until warm.
  • break off a piece if lettuce, add your chicken mixture, quinoa, and shredded cheese on top, then roll into a wrap!
....and that's a rap!  (pun intended)