Friday, February 12, 2016

Fiction Fridays with Macy Ogilvie

Gurlugs Story

Once upon a time there was a dragon roaming around a unknown place when she found a small crying child.His name was Carl.The dragon thought he would taste good but decided to speak with him first.
"Hello small child",said the dragon licking her lips.
The child gasped and noticed the dragon. "Aaah", Carl said. The dragon made her hands in a circle shape around Carl. He was trapped. "Heeelllpp!!!", Carl yelled as loud as he could. "Hush, little boy. Tell me why you were crying." Carl, still shaking, started telling the dragon the story."My father told me to sell some of his bread, but nobody wanted it. I didn't know what he'd do if I didn't sell the bread.I decided I would run away."The dragon was interested and wanted to know more."How about your mother?",the dragon asked. "She is an adventurer and...",Carl paused."What?",the dragon asked."That's all!",Carl said.The dragon became attached to the boy." I will take care of you."she said.She brought Carl to the lake and cooked fish with her fire. Carl complimented the delicious fish. The dragon loved the boy so much.  The dragon finally knew what it was like to have a friend. Carl thought the dragon was scary at first, but now really nice and peaceful. What the boy didn't know was that before he came the dragon fought and killed all his relatives at his village. The dragon would burn down the libraries,schools,and buildings.But the dragon changed. Meanwhile in the village the people figured out Carl was gone. His father told the whole town and they began a search party. He sent a message to Carl's mother so she can know. She searched and searched. She started to see if he was in the undiscovered land. The more she went the darker it got. The sky got smokier and smokier. The temperatures got really cold. She was walking through this for Carl. Later, she noticed it got hot all of a sudden.The ground was glowing red. She noticed she was walking on something. The heat felt good after the long journey but it would feel better to find her son. She walked up scale-like stairs.They led to giant bat-like wings. That's when she discovered she was on a dragon. She slid off its back. She saw it's big face. Luckily it's sleeping, she thought.  Then she saw someone resting on it's big toe. She ran over and discovered it was her son Carl. Then, she got mad at the dragon and pulled out a big shiny sword. She then stabbed it's toe making it mad. The dragon roared in pain as she pulled it out. The dragon swung it's tail next to the mother and she stabbed the tail. The dragon roared as she swung with the tail. She later got off the tail and needed to hit the dragon one more time. Carl sat on the side crying as he watched. The mother wasn't a doctor but she knew where the heart was. It was in the dragons chest. It was the mother's right and the dragon's left. When the dragon bent down to spray her with fire she stabbed the dragon. The dragon roared the loudest of roars and fell over and died. She turned around to see lots of people clapping. Carl was still crying because the dragon was his friend. The whole village was happy and had a huge feast and party. Except for Carl. His mom noticed he was sad and told him about all the bad things the dragon did. He was still sad but lived well without the dragon. He got new friends and read many books about reptiles. The new town in the once unknown area was named Gurlugs. Why? That was Carl and his family's last name. The town lived happily and owned many heaters and had many fires to keep them warm. The sky was still smoky like before, but the people knew they were safe. What the people didn't know is that the dragon layed eggs in its sleep before the battle.

By:Macy Ogilvie

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