Friday, February 19, 2016

Fiction Friday with Macy Ogilvie

How The Zebra Got His Name...

Long long ago a explorer was going around exploring.   One day guess what he found?  A striped horse! He was amazed. He went over to pet it, but It kicked him in the stomach. Then he wanted to capture it, but how? He gathered materials to trap it in a cage of sticks. When he put it over the zebra, the zebra broke it. Then he lassoed it, but his rope was too short. He then hired helicopters to helps catch the zebra.  He tied longer ropes to the helicopters and on the zebra's feet. The zebra held on to a tree. "Let me go!", the zebra cried.
The helicopters stopped. "It talked!",the pilot said in amazement. The zebra pulled the ropes off its feet.
"What is wrong with this horse!?", the explorer said.
"Horse?...Horse! How dare you call me a horse! I am more than just a horse with these zigzag stripes!",the zebra said. "Hmmm, what do I call you?", the man asked. "A zebra, duuhh!" The man knew the zebra made that odd name up but decided not to make it mad. He told people about what he discovered, but they thought he was crazy. " What kind of name is zebra?",one said. "That's a horse.",others said. But later scientists discovered it was much more hostile than a horse. They decided to name it the Zemberoni, unhappy about the name the zebra ate that scientist. Then they decided to just call it a zebra.

By, Macy Ogilvie

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