Thursday, February 11, 2016

Celebrate LOVE.

Love is in the air, folks are all twitterpated, school kids are building their mailboxes in hopes of receiving that special Valentine from their secret crush.  Chocolates and flowers are flying off the store shelves, and so are greeting cards!  There will be engagements, and weddings, and babies conceived. It's the season of Love, it's Valentine's Day!

I have always loved Valentine's Day!  I loved signing every little card and depositing them in my friends mailboxes at school.  I loved opening mine as I tried to decipher the hidden meaning behind each one.  Once in  third grade, a boy brought me a big chocolate heart on Valentines Day!  I was the only girl in class to receive such a prize, and I swore I would keep it forever!  About a month later I had a HUGE line of marching ants proving my theory false.

My mama always surprised us with a Valentines gift, and sometimes she would have it special delivered to our classroom at school!  I always looked forward to this, so now I do the same for my children.  It is a nice family tradition I hold dear to my heart!  No Santa Claus or Easter bunny, just a mama giving a gift, because I love them.  Because of my mama, I never once worried about having a special valentine.  I knew I was loved!  I didn't need someone else to validate that.

As much as I love Valentines Day, it breaks my heart to know it brings much turmoil to others!  Valentine's Day can be a horrible reminder that we're single.  Valentine's Day can be a horrible reminder that someone we loved is gone.  Valentine's Day can bring much sadness to those who already feel alone.  Valentine's Day doesn't need to be about couples and romance, but about LOVE!  Come February 14th love yourself!  If you are single, do something nice for yourself.  Everyone has someone who loves them!  Everyone has someone who would miss them if they were gone!  Celebrate love!  Celebrate love of your neighbor, or friend. Celebrate love of your coffee barista, celebrate love of your children.  Celebrate love of your pets.  Celebrate love of your God. Celebrate love of your parents.  Celebrate love of life!

Celebrate LOVE!  Have a beautiful day!  I love ya, and if I could I would send the world flowers!

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