Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Five Running Must Haves!

*Disclosure: I have received the running belt and towel for free through to review in exchange for my honest opinion.  I agreed to review these products because I found them useful in my daily life.  All opinions expressed here are my own and are not influenced in any way!  I hope you enjoy and find this post helpful!

I am so excited to be signed up for another virtual race!  This particular race will be run on my birthday this year, December 21st!  I will be participating in Elf On The Run 5K!  I am most excited about the medal!  I love race bling and this particular medal has the cutest little holiday elf on it!  Christmas is my favorite holiday probably since I was born just three day before.  I love all the twinkling lights and holiday cheer that comes this time of year!  I plan on running my race in the evening in hopes of seeing lots of Christmas lights along the way.  I have put together a Small list of my five running must haves to share with you!

  1. First on my list is a comfortable pair of running shoes.  the shoes must fir properly to avoid blisters, and for me must have a well cushioned sole to ease my knee pain!  Everyone has their favorite brand and fit.  As for me, I am really loving my K-Swiss Tubes right now!
  2. the second thing on my list is comfortable running clothing.  You want something that fits properly and that you are comfortable in.  I personally like Capri running pants, but again everyone has their own preference.  just be comfortable!
  3. Number three on my list is a running belt!  I am so excited I have finally found a belt that is comfortable and is able to fit my phone in it.  I have tried different products in the past and they either slid on my arm or my phone just did not fit.  I am going to be using the SKMEI LED Running Belt for my virtual race, because it not only holds my phone in a comfortable belt, but also my money, I.D, a small towel, and house key!  I love this new belt not only because it holds all my essentials but it also has an LED light on it so cars can see me while running at night! You can check out the belt in action here!
  4. Four on my list is a small towel.  This may be TMI but while running I sweat A lot, not only that my nose begins to run right along with my legs.  So I have learned to bring something along to wipe my sweat or my nose if the need arises.  During my virtual run I will be using a Ultra Compact Sporten Microfiber Towel!  I love this towel because it fits perfectly in my belt and comes in very handy for any natural disasters!
  5. Number five on my list is a head band!  There is nothing more maddening than fly aways sticking all over your sweaty face while running!  I love the buff style head bands so I can adjust it to the conditions.  If it is cold I can have it cover my ears which keeps more more comfortable in the cooling temperatures!
That is my top five must haves.  Do you have a must have while running?  What is it that you can not live without while out on the trails or running paths?  I would love to hear about it!

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