Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A real life fairy tale...

Once upon a time there was this little girl, her hair a golden blonde, her eyes a mysterious shade of green, born on the first day of the winter.  The girls daddy was a submarine sailor and her mom was always in her eyes site.  She had a feisty big brother with fiery red hair, who often would pick on her, but she loved him anyway.  She traveled to far off lands as a baby and came to settle in a small California gold mining town in the eastern mountains of San Diego county.  At the young age of four the fierce flames of a very hot fire took her home and every last belonging from her.  Her favorite blanket, her dolls, her winter coats and even her shoes...gone.  The girls family had nothing, they found themselves living off the land with no home, running water, or electricity, but she was happy!

This girl had a big smile, she was told it lit up the room!  She had scraggly hair, freckles, and her bones were long and lanky.  She grew up playing in the dirt, making forts in the bushes, and climbing trees.  She had no cable television or telephone.  She was happy, she was fun, and she was loved.  While other kids were busy growing with the outside world, she was busy growing her heart.  One day she would find the one to share this big heart with.

Meanwhile there was this little boy.  He had blonde straight hair, and eyes the color of chocolate.  He had a dimple in his chin and an honest tongue.  Unlike the little girl He grew up in the same house in the city with a manicured lawn, and paved streets.  He loved to ride his bike and play with his neighborhood friends.  This little boy was the baby of his family with two older sisters.  The little boy grew up watching the relationships around him and one day would be able to share his findings. The little boy's dad was a hard worker and great provider for his family, his mom always had children in the home showing him love and compassion for babies.  One day this little boy will grow up to be a great provider and a daddy.  One day he will share this with the one.

The day had come that the little boy turned eighteen, thirteen months later so did the little girl, they were now adults!  Coming from two different worlds, the two were about to cross paths.  Their whole life seemingly leading up to this point.  It was a dark quiet night In a far off land, another country to be exact.  The little girl and the little boy crossed each others paths.  She noticed him from across the smokey dim lit room.  He approached her and asked her to dance.  He bought her a single rose and they exchanged numbers.

It has been 22 years since the two crossed paths and today marks their 15th wedding anniversary!  The little girl has found the one to share her heart with, and the little boy is a hard working husband and daddy of three beautiful children and an angel .  The little girl believes these two were put on this earth for one another. They lived happily ever after.

The end....

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