Sunday, March 2, 2014

Where would you be?

Would I be an infant with the warm embrace of my mothers arms?  Would I be a small child without a care in the world?  Would I be a teenager, with proms and homecomings?  Would I be in college  with dorms and parties?  Would I be a young new mom again?  Would I be a successful buisness women with all the money I could ever need.  Would I be with my loved ones in Heaven living for eternity and getting to have those hugs and conversations I sometimes long for?  No!  I would be right where I am at!  Life is a journey, not a destination!  Life can be indeed a struggle some days, but I have all the faith I'm right where I'm suppose to be and I'll take it!  If I could be anywhere, my answer is...right here, in the middle of my journey!

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