Thursday, January 21, 2016

Feel Like Hiding In a Cave? Try This Instead!

Sometimes life comes at us with a curve ball.  Sometimes things happen that are just not as we had planned or hoped them to be.  What are we left to do?  I know recently I myself have had some of life's struggles were I just can't seem to find the answers.  I have been sulking in my own pity, crying myself a river, and ready to just pack a bag, run away, and go in hiding for a month or two.  Do you ever feel like running away from life?  Instead of running away, just go for a run!!  If you are not into running, it can most definitely be a walk!  Physical exercise benefits the brain on multiple levels from molecular to behavioral.  Just 20 minutes of Physical exercise increases your heart rate which pumps oxygen to the brain, leads to releasing hormones, all while providing a nourishing environment for the growth of brain cells!

From the behavioral standpoint Running has a antidepressant like effect with a significant drop in stress hormones.  

Today I was having a rough morning, I have been signed up to do a 5K virtual run through Race for a cure that I had kept putting off.  This particular race was a race to help fight cancer through cancer research.  Having lost both of my parents to cancer, this race really touched close to home for me.  So this morning I mapped a route and off I went!  At the end of my run, my head felt clearer, my heart a little less heavy, and I was stoked to have earned a metal all while raising money for cancer research!

So if you are down, feel like hiding in a cave, or just need to clear your head, get out and get your heart rate up.  I promise you will feel better!  I always need a little motivation, but  I LOVE the way I feel afterwards!  Virtual races are a great way to keep yourself motivated on getting out there!  Good for your heart and brain in so many ways!  

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