Saturday, January 9, 2016

The most comfortable bra ever!!!

I recently wrote to you guys that I was not going to put anything on BuckeyeMomsmeet that I do not LOVE or believe in.  I stand by my word as I share with you this awesome deal.

I am the lady who walks in the house and the first thing I do is remove my bra.  I hate wearing them.  They are uncomfortable, restrictive, and just down right annoying!  I was raised however to be modest and keep all my lady parts covered, so outside of the house you will not find me without a bra holding me hostage.

About a year ago I was introduced to the Coobie Bra.  I ordered a couple in black and a beautiful violet.  I have got to say I have been extremely happy with this company from the get go!  These are the most comfortable bras on the market!  I often wake up in the morning still wearing my bra because I simply forgot I was wearing one!  They are that comfortable!!

I am not writing this post as a ploy to just try and get you to spend money on this company, I am writing this post to let you know if you are looking for a bra that supports and doesn't annoy the crap out of you I have a special offer to share!

Coobie seamless bras are ultra comfortable like I said, they are versatile without sacrificing style.  They are affordable, stylish, seamless, and comfortably fits sizes 32A- 36D!  They are available in 10+ styles and over 50 colors and patterns.  There is also full size that fits 38-42D!

Right now thanks to  US family guide and coobie bras I am able to bring BuckeyeMomsMeet readers a special offer!  You can save 30% on any order of coobie seamless bras or Violet head bands at and

Use Promo code USFG30

I have not had the chance to try out the violet head bands just yet, but will be ordering one and I will give you an update here at BuckeyeMomsMeet and let you know how I liked it!


US Family Guide and sent me a coobie bra in the most beautiful violet color as well as a Violet Headband!  I love the way they both fit and always get compliments on the headband when ever I wear it!  The coobie seamless bra does not disappoint and Is my go to bra every morning!  I highly recommend you check out these bras if you have not done so already!!  You will never want to wear another brand of bra again after the style and comfort of Coobie seamless bras.

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