Monday, June 22, 2015

When you feel like Niagara Falls is running down your leg...#PeeHappens !

Disclosure:  I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Always Discreet.  I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.  As always all opinions expressed here are my own. 

There is a Natural Wonder in North America that people travel from all over the world to come and witness.  This Natural wonder is Niagara Falls!  Millions of gallons of water rocket over the falls of Niagara every minute while people flock to the nearby state park to get as close as possible to "feel Niagara's flow"!  Now what if I told you over 40 million American women don't even have to step foot in New York to "feel Niagara's flow"!  Yes this is true!  I am talking about sensitive bladder!

Sensitive bladder can happen as we age and it's not something to be embarrassed about!  Our bodies go through a lot!  After being pregnant or having birth the pelvic floor support weakens, menopause, and other health conditions can also lead to urinary incontinence.  I remember growing up my own mom had urinary incontinence.  I remember how embarrassed I was when she would have an "accident" while coughing or sneezing.  I did not understand sensitive bladders until after giving birth to my third child and we bought a trampoline.  I wanting to be the "fun" mom got up and started jumping on the trampoline, this was my first incident.  I was horrified and embarrassed and disappointed.  They say because so many women are too embarrassed to talk about it,  most go several years before bringing it up to their doctors to be diagnosed and treated.

I just wanted to say even over here at Buckeye Moms Meet we deal with sensitive bladder frequently and there is nothing to be ashamed of!  Now what if I told you that there is help!?  You do not need to feel like you have Niagara falls running down your leg any longer.  You can sneeze, cough, exercise again in public without fear!  There is a great line of products to help!

Always Discreet has an entire line of products that include liners, pads, and underwear specially designed to meet all bladder control needs from small leaks to the falls that get your socks wet!
Always is a global leader in feminine protection.  With Always discreet products, bladder leaks are no big deal and women can enjoy life's activities again!

Always Discreet Was recently granted the good housekeeping seal and named Product of the Year in bladder protection, proving they can be trusted to provide discreet, comfortable, and incredible protection from leaks.  Always Discreet Liners were also granted a Better Homes and Gardens Best New Product Award!!  In just six months since it's launch, Always Discreet has earned some of the most trusted consumer product credentials in the category!

so lets go over the facts again, shall we?

  • Developing a sensitive bladder can happen at any age.
  • It happens to 1 in 3 women in the U.S.
  • sensitive bladder leaks are a reality to more than 40 million American women
  • only 1 in 9 women are using the correct products for protection.
  • There is nothing to be embarrassed about...#PeeHappens 
As for me, I like the Always Discreet Pads and liners!  The pads for when I'm more active, running or jumping.  The liners are great for just everyday protection.  They do have the underwear for maximum protection, but for me I don't have a need for that much protection...yet :)

If you are interested in finding out more you can visit Always Discreet on

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  1. Eek! Yah, having kids changes a lot in *that area* and one thing that happens is the embarrassing dribble. Thankfully there are products out there like this one that women can wear discreetly, and still feel confident.

  2. I don't have leakage issues but I did during my last pregnancy. I know so many people who do and are very shy about it and embarrassed to talk about it so this is nice that there are products that take the embarrassment out of the equation and help out in the worst, and most awkward situations! With my last pregnancy I had to wear pads the odd time and I was so embarrassed but now I wouldn't care. If it helps it helps! So this is great to see! - Jeanine

  3. I know that getting pregnant has a lot of trouble afterwards for the body of the mother. However, when one decides not to get pregnant, how can be bladder leaks be prevented? Or are leakage issues already part of the genes of women? Are there medications to solve it?

  4. A bladder is never the same after children. I have on more than one occasion found myself not beating the race to the toilet or hearing water and my body reacting. It is embarrassing but also a natural part of life. Kegals...don't solve it all, I will vouch for that!

  5. I can so relate to some of this! Truly one side effect of having kids that no one warns you about! I was a young mom and I knew about during pregnancy issues but was so not prepared for after pregnancy problems. Sounds like a great product!

  6. After three kids, I can definitely relate. If I laugh or sneeze, it always happens.There have definitely been times I've used maxi pads when I had a cold and couldn't quit coughing and sneezing. It drives me insane sometimes! I didn't know Always had a product for this. I think women might me much more likely to use it than other products that are only for bladder leakage.

  7. After two kiddos, with another on the way, I can completely relate to this post! I also wanted to throw out there that I love Always products - they are what I use in the hospital and after I'm home post-baby. They are great quality and absorb better than the other brands I've tried! I think it's great that they have a product marketed as "discreet" - because it helps reduce the stigma!

  8. I had that problem too. It turns out that diet soda was causing my issues and once I quit all diet sweeteners it went away. I will bookmark these for later though!!

  9. Oh my goodness I can't imagine the embarassment you might've had when this sort of stuff happened to you. I'm glad there is something out there for people with sensitive bladders. How does that happen anyway? Did you have that your whole life? Did it happen after children? I'm honestly interested! I suppose as you stated it can happen as you age though. I'm wondering if it happens to men, too.

  10. I have lbl, but thanks to Kegel exercises, I am able to manage it well.I still use liners, though just to make sure. I haven't tried this brand, yet, but I will look for this the next time I go shopping.