Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June is National Iced Tea Month!!

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Did you know June is National Iced Tea Month!? It is! I love iced Tea and have spent a great many years brewing and making my own Sun tea! There is nothing more refreshing in the heat of the summertime sun, than a nice tall glass of Iced tea! I have partnered with American Tea Room to bring you this special offer just in time for National Iced Tea Month!

American Tea Room Your Ultimate Tea Resource

Are you looking for some yummy tea recipes?  Here are some provided by American Tea Room to satisfy any tea drinker out there!  Just click the link below for some mouth watering, sure to satisfy tea recipes!!

June is National Iced Tea Month. Celebrate with these refreshing recipes from AmericanTeaRoom.com.

Well I don't know about you, but that Mango Martinique looks like it would be My cup of TEA...no pun intended ;)  Have a beautiful day and enjoy the Month Of Tea!!

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links which means If you purchase anything through any of the links above  I will earn a small commission from your purchase.

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