Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Teen Spa Party on a Budget!

Well, It looks like I blinked and my baby has turned into a teenager!  I clearly can't go to the party store and pick out a cartoon themed party or pick out a couple bottles of wine for some wine tasting!  So what am I to do with this little lady that is not quite a child, but not an adult either!?  Spa Day Party!!  All teen girls love nail polish, lip gloss, and sleep overs right!?  So here is what we did!

First we printed out some custom invites! 

The invites requested their presence for a sleep over party with a date we all agreed upon!

Next I went to the Dollar Store and bought supplies!

I got right to work making our Spa Sundaes!

For the Spa Sundae I bought five parfait glasses at the dollar store, some rose and vanilla scented Bath salts, Loofah sponges, pink spoons and cute paper straws!  I layered the bath salts to make pink and white swirls, topped with the loofah and stuck the spoon and straw in!  These were so easy and didn't take much time or money!  Everything was purchased at the dollar store!  I then added a poem onto the straw.  These turned out so cute and the girls were excited to each take one home!

Next I made a Nail Polish Cupcake Platter!

For the Nail Polish cupcake platter I purchased a set of silicone baking cups.  While at the dollar store I picked out ten fun nail polish colors and a bag of pink crinkled confetti paper.  To make the nail polish cupcakes, you place a nail polish in each baking cup and fill around the polish with the confetti!  The girls thought these were real cupcakes until further investigation!  They were each excited to pick their favorite colors as party favors!

Nail Polish Spin The Bottle!

For a fun party game you can play Nail Polish Spin the Bottle!  One at a time, Each party guest picks a nail color and sets it in the middle of the table.  She spins the nail polish while on it's side and whom ever the tip of the bottle lands on they must paint one of their nails this color!  you go around the table until all guests have all ten of their nails painted different colors :)

Pop Rock Boutique!!

I made a Pop Rock bouquet to place as a center piece!  This turned out super cute and the teens loved it!  I bought some Pop Rocks, cake pop sticks, pixie sticks, and a small cute bucket from the Dollar Store.  I taped the pop rocks to the cake pop sticks, threw in some pixie sticks, and there you have it...super simple and a huge hit!!

Pre-Made sleepover Breakfast Bowls!

To make the Pre-made breakfast bowls, I purchased a pack of plastic bowls at Walmart for only one dollar!!  I bought two variety packs of individual breakfast cereal and placed one in each bowl with a Pink spoon and some ribbon!  I placed a card inside that read, "Good morning, Thank you for coming to my party!  Please help yourself to some breakfast!"  I placed these out to greet the girls as they awoke.

Party Bags!!!

You can't have a party without party favors!!  I bought a bundle of party bags at The Dollar store.  I picked up some cute compact mirrors, girly nail files, individual packs of Kleenex (they make cute floral prints), little manicure sets, some cute cosmetic bags, a Small picture frame to frame their party memories, and some vanilla body spray!

The End!!

The Party was a lot of fun!  I bought almost all the supplies at the Dollar store and Walmart.  Thank you for visiting, have a beautiful day!!  Love Ya :)


  1. What a lovely party! I'm sure the girls had a lot of fun.

    1. Thank you :). The whole party was a hit and I had a lot of fun planning it!

  2. Great way to make the girls feel special!

  3. I do not have a daughter but I can see using some of these ideas for a GNO party. Very creative I love how you used the cupcakes holders for the nail polish. The invitation is just too cute. Also the goodie bags are just too adorable and very inexpensive that always help to save money when throwing a party. Thanks for sharing will be bookmarking the page for my next GNO party.

  4. What a fun party! Makes me wish that I had girls instead of messy boys. I absolutely love the loofa sundae decoration...this is totally something I will copy if I ever throw a spa party. Thanks so much for the inspiration!


  5. My niece is only 7 but this is something she would love. I would adapt a few things to fit her age group but for the most part she would love everything! I love the way you set everything up and the color scheme is perfect!

  6. What a fun birthday party for your girl!! I love how creative you are and the decorative spa party theme! This is such a great idea. My niece is just a toddler but this is a perfect idea for when she's older and wants a spa themed birthday party! I love how you purchased these items at the dollar store too! Way to save!! Thank you for sharing! This is an awesome blog post and will be very helpful for moms!!

  7. What a great party idea for girls!! I love the nail polish cupcakes those are adorable! My 10 year is super girly this would be a cute setting at a slumber party or birthday party too!

  8. This looks like such a fun party for your daughter! I love your spa parfait and nail polish cupcake take-home favors. The nail polish spin the bottle game sounds like a really fun idea, too!

  9. This is such a great idea for a party for girls! I love the nail polish cupcakes and the pop rocks bouquet. Everything came out so cute. I bet everyone had a really great time, and it sounds like you stayed on budget!

  10. I totally know what you mean, my oldest is 15 so she's too old for Hello Kitty lol. This is a really awesome party set up and I could see me doing this for her too. The nail polish would be a hit and I love your breakfast bowls. =)

  11. Awww bless it looks like such a fun party, I so want to be able to do that with my daughters one day. I love having spa days at home and not worry about breaking the bank, though I enjoyed my recent spa visit I prefer in the comfort of my own home.

  12. I like the idea of a breakfast bowl at a sleepover, that's ingenious!