Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sprinkled with a little Pixie Dust on Mother's Day (day4) DisneySMMC

It's Mother's Day!!  Mother's Day has become a little bitter sweet for me.  A day of reflection. Remembering my own mom and missing her dearly.  Reflecting on becoming a mom myself, from the very first birth of my daughter 14 years ago to the birth of my angel just this year.  Feeling proud, yet disappointed in myself daily!  Feeling one minute like I'm doing everything right when my kids tell me, "I'm the best mom in the world" to the next minute feeling like I'm screwing it all up.  Being a mom is hard!  I have been blessed with becoming a mom four times!  I have three of the most beautiful kids I can ask for, with the biggest hearts of anyone I know!  They are kind and smart and beautiful inside and out!  My fourth child was too beautiful for earth and will be spending his first birthday next month in Heaven with my own mom!  I know he is being well taken care of :)

This Mother's Day I got to spend it at Walt Disney World with moms and their children from all over the country at The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration!   I set my alarm for 5am.  At the sound of my alarm, I moved around the room quietly getting ready for my Morning Fun Run sponsored by GoGo SqueeZ!  Yup, you heard right!  I woke up at 5am to go RUNNING for FUN on Mother's Day!  I dressed in a fun  Disney Bounding outfit consisting of, a blinged out tank top that read #TeamDoleWhip, a red and white polka dot running skirt, and red and white polka dot head band!

The Fun Run began on the outdoor Patio of The Disney Yacht Club.  Here there was a booth set up with excited GoGo SqueeZ representatives welcoming us and handing out capes for the Fun Run!  All the ladies were gathering in groups, taking pictures and selfies reminding each other of the proper #hashtags for the event!  A true scene of a social media mom event!!  We scooted to the start line and off we went!  Although there were many women who decided to run and support one another through the course, this was a personal journey for me!  I had been practicing my running which is absolutely dreadful for about six weeks now and I really wanted to push myself in this moment!  The run was AWESOME!  The air was crisp and clean compared to Arizona.  The moon was bright, and the sun rising made everything look just that much more beautiful!  I was Happy!  We made our way through The Epcot, which had their annual flower and garden festival happening!  There were toparary and flowers everywhere!  Not to mention the rivers edge, the bridges, the architecture of the buildings, I'm not sure I've ever in my life Witnessed so much beauty all in a 30 minute time period!  During the run there were cast members holding lighted wands to mark the path and each one encouraging us to the finish line!  I made it!!  I picked up my medal and my swag bag and felt so invigorated, I couldn't wait to get back and tell my family about my adventure!

I got back to my room and the family was starting to stir.  I immediately heard little voices, from the darkness nestled in their beds, wishing me a happy Mother's Day!  I opened the curtains and started sharing my beautiful morning and accomplishments with them!  Each one of my hugest accomplishments (my children) picked me out a Disney pin while I was in sessions on Friday and one by one presented them to me!  One a Mickey Head all blinged out in pink glitter, a Minnie Mouse pin that reads, "World's Best Mom ", and another with two Mickey hands making the shape of a heart!  I immediately attached them to my lanyard and wore them proudly the rest of the day!

At 8 am we walked to the conference center.  We entered the very room we learned so much from incredible speakers a couple days prior, but this time with all of our families!  This is where we will have the most beautiful Mothers Day ever!  The breakfast was sponsored by Disney Consumer Products --Imagicademy!  We picked out our table which was elegantly decorated with fancy napkins and glassware as well as baskets of pastries and a glass full of the most beautiful yogurt I've ever seen! Beautiful edible flowers adorned the top of each yogurt, which I think completely confused every kid at our table!  As we went through our meal of several courses there were pictures being played of all of us attendees during the last several days as well as our tweets and instagram photos! 

 Remember how I told you, my kids had been keeping a secret from me!?  The secret was about to be revealed, they drew our attention to the stage area.  The team started a video, on this video was our children!  While we were busy at work, listening to speakers, networking, and learning on Friday, our kids were at a meet and greet being interviewed!  The sweetness and innocence of the video had us laughing and crying, and swelled my heart two sizes too big this day!  I want to thank all the crew for this special surprise!

Next we got a special tribute show from Imagicademy themselves, and a private concert from Voice Play, whom just returned from tour!  If you have never seen these guys, you should really check them out!  They are super talented!

Now it was time to say goodbye...this Mother's Day breakfast, the conference, the attendees, the cast members, friends... It was time to check out of our room at The Beach Club Resort, The 2015 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration has come to an end.  Honestly I'm getting a little teary eyed writing this, but this is not the end!  I will take many great things from my time here!  I met a lot of inspiring people, I learned a great deal of things not only about social media, but about myself!  I will take away friendships, and knowledge of grand proportions!  Until next time, thank you for following along on my journey!  We'll see you real soon!!  Love ya :)


  1. It was such a joy to sit with you and get to know you! Thank-you for sharing the first evening with me :) You have a beautiful family and I am so happy you were able to experience Disney as a family!

  2. Likewise Amanda!! Thank you for everything!!