Monday, January 20, 2014

Here we reside in Buckeye, Arizona!  How did we end up here, you may ask?  We did not grow up in Buckeye, which a lot of the residents here grew up here and never left!  I guess you can say we were part of the great migration of '04!  My husband of 13 years (together 20) and I were born and raised in San Diego County in California.  We owned a small duplex about five miles from Pacific Beach that we had purchased in 1998.  In 2000 we were married and shortly later gave birth to our first child in may of 2001.  Our small duplex was getting cramped so we had a second story three bedroom addition added on to make room for our growing family.  In december of 2003 along came child number two!  Our addition was closing in around us and by now the housing prices were booming as was the cost of living in San Diego!  We began looking for other options, buying a single family home in San Diego on our income was not an option.  We could not believe the cost of homes in Arizona and saw plenty of job oppurtunities.  My husband and I decided to drive out to Arizona one weekend and look around.  A couple weeks later we had planned a meeting with a realtor, and drove out for the day.  We saw a beautiful 2156 sqft home in Buckeye!  We thought Buckeye would be a good choice because we can skip back home quickly when ever we got home sick.  We made an offer on our home before leaving the realtor that day.  We have now been in Buckeye for almost ten years ( that seems crazy to think).  We have since had another child in November of 2006.  I work for the Buckeye school district, am an Avon representative, a host for houseparty, and a mom ambassador for  greenmomsmeet.  I try and keep myself busy in this town far out west.

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