Monday, September 28, 2015

All Natural Roll On Deodorant! Nutrexin!!

Have you ever looked at all the horrible ingredients that make up your antiperspirant  and wonder what in the world you are putting into your body?  With all the recent studies linking deodorant and antiperspirant to breast cancers and other health concerns I have been on a mission to find the deodorant that will not only offer reliable protection but also diminish the risk factors involved in using them.

My family has fallen victim on several occasions to breast cancer, so I nee to be very vigilant when it comes to my health.  I have three young children whom need their mama for a very long time!

I was recently sent a pH Alkaline Deodorant from green Moms Meet and Nutrexin to try out and tell  you all about it!  Nutrexin is a pH Alkaline roll on deodorant that is Aluminum, Fragrance, preservative, and artificial color free!  This Deodorant is made of all natural ingredients that offer daily protection with a balanced alkaline effect.  It is made with healing plant extracts and beneficial soothing skin moisturizers!  This can be used safely on all skin types, even sensitive skin!

I have been using My Nutrexin Alum-Free Deodorant for about two weeks now, and I have to say I really like the peace of mind I have while using it.  I am not sure if it lasts the full 24 hours as it states, I have found the need to re-apply it in the afternoon.  Over-all I like the way it feels on the skin.  It doe snot irritate the skin what so ever even after shaving.  The fresh light scent is something to be admired.  I think it lacks the all day protection, but I have no problem with re-applying it.

Nutrexin USA does not only offer this great deodorant, but also so many other great products!  I also have been taking  Nutrexin Vital Restore which is a natural antioxidant formula.  Vital Restore Optimizes Metabolism & Digestion.  Improves fitness level and stamina, also assists in recovery from fatigue, illness, or injury!  I really have enjoyed taking Vital restore and have notices a significant boost in my energy levels!

Another great product Nutrexin offers that I have tried first hand is pH Balance Restore Bath Salts!  These bath salts are recommended 1-2 times per week in a full bath soak or can be used daily in a foot soak!  These bath salts offer detoxification, relaxation, and soft supple skin after each use!  This may very well be my favorite of the three products!  I mean who doesn't love a relaxing bath or foot soak?  Am I right?  I always feel so relaxed and balanced after each use and my skin has really loved the healing properties!

I give this company two thumbs up for great innovative products!  I would highly recommend these products for the many benefits they provide.

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