Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hippity Hoppity Easter's On It's Way!!!

As a child I always LOVED Easter!!  For me it meant getting a new spring wardrobe, Easter Egg hunts, and lots of candy!!  We always did the traditional dying of the Easter eggs, waking up to an Easter gift from The Easter Bunny, and then gathering with all the cousins for the best Easter feast and egg hunts imaginable!!  Easter always marked the beginning of sunny weather, and getting to finally wear all those cute summer dresses and sandals!

After becoming a mommy, Easter became all those things again!  The wonder of the Easter bunny, the dying of the eggs, the hunts, the candy, and the beginning of Spring!!!  Today we jumped right in and prepared our house for the Bunny to visit tonight by dying Easter eggs, making a home made table cover, all while sipping on root beer floats!!

To start we covered our table in white butcher paper!   We did this for two reasons, One to protect our table from the food coloring, and two to paint afterwords with the left over color to make our homemade table covering!!  We put out our colors made with 25 drops food coloring, 2TBSP white vinegar, and 1/2 C boiling water.  We also put out color crayons, paint brushes, and roll stampers!  Each kid got their own dozen eggs to decorate!  Yay let the fun begin!!

Once the kiddos sat down to start coloring their eggs, I got right to work in the kitchen making some tasty treats!  Who doesn't love a homemade root beer float on a warm day??  I scooped a big scoop of vanilla ice cream into a glass, added root beer, and topped it off with some whipped cream!!  For the Mister and I, we had the adult version!  Throw some Baileys Irish cream into some root beer and there you have it!!

 Once we were all done with our floats and decorating the eggs, We decorated the butcher paper, which makes a nice festive table cover!  Put some flowers in a vase, and now we are all set for the Easter Bunny to visit our Home and drop off goodies for the good little girls and boy!!

Have a wonderful Day!!!  Hoppy Easter!! ;)

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