Friday, May 9, 2014

Disposable garbage or resource? Lessons we should all take from the Great Depression...

When did life become so disposable?  It always warms my heart when I hear of folks who have been married for 50, 60, 70 years.  It makes me smile when I see an old model T driving down the highway.  It makes me stop and think when I see an elderly person wearing homemade clothes or saving the syrup from the end of a can of fruit.  These folks grew up during the times where things were not disposable!  When they married they married for life!  For better and for worse, richer and poorer.  When they purchased a home they lived and died there.  When they bought a car they drove it and repaired it when it broke down.  Folks who survived having nothing learned to value everything!

During the Great Depression folks saved everything, they didn't have a choice!  They used old flour sacks to make clothes, washed them by hand and then hung those clothes on a line to dry.  They did not go out and buy a new washer and dryer every time a new cooler model came out!  These folks made their own soap, repaired old tires, used old socks and shirts for dish clothes, and fixed things when they were broken!  Children made their own toys and dolls.  We can learn a few things from these wise folks!  This year the world will generate 2.6 trillion pounds of garbage!  Why?  We do not fix things that are broke, we do not grow our own food, do our own dishes, we have become disposable!

It is not just goods that has become so disposable but life as we know it!  People marry and if it's too hard they divorce.  Women get pregnant, it's too much they abort or put their children up for adoption.  Life gets rough...suicide.  An old friend says something on social media we don't like we unfriend them with a push of a button.  Delete...delete...delete...delete
We wonder why so many school shootings?  I think because kids are growing up in a world that has become so disposable, there is no value left in anything including life!
Life is hard!  No one ever said it was easy!  I understand the convenience of paper plates, I get that.  I understand disposable diapers and wipes make life a whole lot easier.  I just ask that people stop and try a little harder when it comes to people!  people are not disposable, we are not garbage!   Marriage is tough, try a little harder to make it work.  Kids are a lot of work, but should never be disposable!!  Stop deleting old friends with a delete button,  Life and people should not be disposable!  With a little elbow grease and hard work we can fix things that are broken.  Live, laugh, and love.  Stop generating garbage!  Have a beautiful day, smile at a stranger, call an old friend, love your spouse, plant a garden!  Then maybe we can start believing in tomorrow...

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