Monday, April 7, 2014

Stop Sorting Laundry With Purex no sort for colors!!!!

New Purex No Sort for Colors detergent is the latest laundry innovation from Purex brand designed to simplify your laundry routine.  Purex No Sort for Colors detergent features a breakthrough Anti-Color-Transfer Technology which traps loose dyes in the wash and reduces color bleeding accidents in your mixed color loads leaving your clothes bright and clean!

I was recently given the opportunity to try Purex No Sort for colors detergent and share my findings with you!  I must admit I was a wee bit hesitant to throw an Unsorted load of laundry into my machine because it went against everything I have been taught and lessons learned over the many years of doing laundry.  One of my first early lessons as a child was how to sort the laundry.  Believe me I have had my share of whites turned pink or grey from accidental laundry sort mishaps!  When I heard of this Purex No Sort for colors detergent I was automatically intrigued!!  Could it really STOP color bleeding accidents?  can I really stop sorting my laundry?  With the dye transfer Inhibitor the answer is YES!!

Here is how it went...I scooped up the nearest pile of laundry.  I did not sort the laundry as I normally would as you can see in the photo.

 I added the recommended amount of New Purex No Sort for Colors detergent and walked away.  I was VERY nervous, because as you can see I have whites, reds, and blacks all in the same load.  EEEEKKK!!! Once the cycle was done I could not wait to see the results!  As to my wondering eyes should appear was a fresh load of laundry which was bright, clean, and had no sign of color bleeding or bleeding stains to speak of!  
 Would I recommend Purex No Sort for Colors to my friends?  Absolutely!!  I sampled and gave it the ultimate no sorting test and it passed with bright flying colors!!  I would like to say though, Purex No Sort for colors Is packed with innovation but is NOT a miracle worker!  Please follow these words of advice:  wash strongly colored fabrics or new pieces of clothing at least five times before doing a mixed color load with Purex No sort For colors detergent!

Disclosure:  The Purex brand provided me with a sample of Purex No Sort for Colors detergent in exchange for a product review.  However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I will be hosting a giveaway For One free Purex No Sort for Colors Detergent!!  Enter below!  Three winners will be selected On April 22, 2014!!  Good Luck!!
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  1. this detergent would help so much! i wouldn't have to wash separate loads for a little bit of clothes, i will save money, water, and i would let my fiance wash the clothes without having to worry that he's going to mess up our clothes.

  2. Purex no sort would change my daily life so I could get laundry done quicker especially when I have new clothes and have to be extra careful.

  3. I would like to try this Purex No Sort, because it could save me time, I could spend with my family instead of sorting, laundry

  4. Purex no sort sounds amazing, I would love to try it :)

  5. It would things easier as it is just two people and takes for every to get loads of clothes this way. I could wash sooner

  6. I have a kid in college who is not much of a sorter! This would be great for him!